Q. How to turn off this gadget?

A. This gadget will power off automatically when no load or charging is complete

Q. How many times can this gadget charge for my mobile phone?

A. The battery capacity is about 12000 mAh, e,g, it can full charge like 7 times at least for iPhone5s.

Q. Which charging port should I use to charge my device? How long will this gadget take to charge my mobile phone full?

A. This product will intelligently indentifies you device and will provide full speed charging to your device, you will enjoy the true universal compatibility and full speed charging-no matter your device. Charging time varies upon battery capacity in your devices.

Q. How many times can this gadget on a full charge to start the vehicle?

A. Approx. 10 times.

Q. How long will the power of battery of this gadget remain?

A. 6-12 months, however, we suggest you recharge it every other 3 months.

Now, the automobile starting replies on battery which can provide instant high current to start the automobilewith starting engine. The starting battery is commonly known as battery, and its scientific name is lead acid battery. After decades of technological innovation, the current battery is basically maintenance free which do not need to add water or dilute sulfuric acid. All the batteries, even if it is not used, will discharge by themselves, in other words,if the battery is not in use, with the time going, the internal storage capacity will be gradually reduced, until depleted. Once the battery over discharged, battery performance will be greatly reduced. So we encourage owners to start it when don’t drive, as to charge up the battery.

The battery in the discharge process has polarization, with the current larger and the polarization larger. With the same current, the temperature is higher and the polarization smaller. When the weather is cold, although the battery has power, it is difficult to start. After starting several times, you can start. In fact, when the large current discharge, the internal of the battery is heating and the temperature is rising to give the battery a good temperature environment, so to ensure the output of high power to start the motor. In addition, there is one thing need to be pointed out, when the battery can’t be stricken for the first time, don’t go on striking. Due to the polarization, the battery voltage has not completely recovered. If you go on starting, it will be easy to damage the battery and influence the output of the high current. It is recommended that each time you start with10 seconds’ interval. Don’t too fast or too slow By the way, if the owner have driven the automobile more than two years and didn’t replace the battery, we suggest the owner to inspect the automobile in 4s for avoiding the embarrassment that the automobile can’t restart in the process of parking. However, since the emergence of the Roypow Epower, the owner with one piece not only can ensure the power of their all electronic products not to fail, but also give their automotive battery a guarantee!